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Strawberry Letter

Subject: Sex Addiction or Sex Crazy

Hello Shirley and Steve:

This is how the story goes. He had his home phone disconnected so he gave me his cordless phone to which he forgot to delete the numbers out of. I texted him and told him that the next time he gave me a phone to delete the numbers out of it. Now a man with any common sense would have said, ” oh I aint worried about that. You can call whoever number is in that phone cause I aint got nothing to hide”. But instead he immediately goes off and yells, “if you call any number in that phone there will most definitely be no more me and you”.. About two weeks later, we were out shooting a game of pool and his cell phone rang. He looks at it and goes outside to answer it on two separate occasions. When he came back I told him let’s go and took him home and dropped him off. I went home and called one of the numbers in the cordless phone that had my greatest concern, one that came through one night at 3:24 a.m. When the woman answered she revealed that she was a stripper and that he had been one of her clients for the past year. She then called him on three-way and the things that he was saying to her was enough to make a person snap, but I remained quiet like she asked me to. I immediately called him back after she hung up to tell him I had just heard everything and he stated wasn’t me. Not only that but on the very same day later that evening his woman of two years calls me after finding my number in his cell phone. So I guess my question is if a man has had two main women for the past two years and paying a stripper (several) from time to time for more sex, does he have a sex addition problem or is he just plain freaking crazy or both?