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Prince To Stream Concert On TIDAL


Source: Michael Tran / Contributor / Getty

Jay Z is really trying to recruit us…

When the news broke that Prince was performing a Rally4Peace concert, we were super excited. The we learned the concert will be streamed live on TIDAL and were less than enthused.

Jay Z released a statement on the live stream news:

“I am honored to join Prince in his mission to inspire through the uniting power of music and be able to offer a platform where this moment can be shared globally.  We invite all to experience the music and contribute in their own way to promote peace, tolerance and understanding. Our prayers go out to Freddie Gray’s family and every family affected by brutality and senseless violence.”

That’s the most we’ve heard Jay Z say anything on this issue.

Prince also recorded a song for Baltimore that he’ll probably debut at the concert. Tickets for the event went on sale on Wednesday and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Baltimore youth charities. Concert goers are also urged to wear gray to the concert.

Ok, Jay Z. You may have got us on this one.

*runs to sign up for TIDAL’s free trial*

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