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Just break our hearts, America.

Our favorite 2015 American Idol contender Tyanna Jones was eliminated from the talent competition last night, but she went out with a bang as she performed the female anthem “Run The World” by Beyonce. And you bet your ass she rocked it!

Tyanna’s story of hard beginnings that turned into triumph warmed our hearts from the moment we laid eyes on her natural hair and beaming smile.

While we’re still drying our eyes, we’re content knowing this won’t be the last we’ll see of Tyanna. Because, she’s a star. During a playful chat earlier this week, the rising star opened up about her Idol experience, how being homeless keeps her humble and what she would have done if she won American Idol.

How has your life changed since being on American Idol?

In many different ways. One time, we were walking down Broadway and so many people were stopping us to tell us how good were and how they were voting for us and how much they loved us. One person was like ‘I want to take a picture’ and everyone else was like ‘I want to take a picture.’ It got so crazy and I was like ‘I don’t know what to do.’

Was it a conscious decision to wear your natural hair on the show?

It’s just me and that’s my hair. I dyed it blue to stand out for my initial audition. After that, I just kept doing it.

How has being homeless prepared you for the industry?

I wouldn’t take any of it back. I believe that it helped me to be prepared to be a stronger person for a competition like this. The competition is not just get up there and sing. You have to rehearse. You have to get up early in the morning. There are early call times, roads and different places for photo shoots. I’m just thankful that I had the opportunity to go through something that keeps me humble.

What was your most memorable critique from one of the judges?

Harry. When I did ‘Tight Rope,’ he kind of like prolonged his…(well he always prolongs his comments). He was like, ‘For that performance, I wouldn’t stand up, I wouldn’t clap, I’d give you a 10.’ I was like Oh OK, I see what you did there.

What was the best advice you got from J.Lo?

Her critiques are really straightforward and to the point. She told me that I’m still so young and being able to perform like that is a blessing. She told me I have a gift.

If Beyoncé was watching your performance of “Love On Top,” what would you hope she’d say?

I would want her to critique me and tell me what I could have done better.

Have you been inspired by your fans?

Yes. I have. Mostly on Twitter because that’s where I respond to them most of the time. They’ll tell me that I inspire them, not realizing they’re the reason why I’m still here and they inspire me.

What is 16-year-old life like on American Idol?

I don’t get to go out whenever I want. I don’t get to hang out with friends because I’m not near them, I’m in LA with my Idol family. When we get a chance, we go out or stay in and order some food.

Finish this sentence: If I win American Idol

I will buy my family another house and a car. The biggest thing is, I want to keep performing so I don’t stop inspiring people.


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