Strawberry Letter: I Caught My Wife With Her Relatives [AUDIO]


Shirley Strawberry Reads the Strawberry Letter

Subject: I Caught My Wife With Her Relatives

Hey all so let me get to the point. My wife has always been close to her family. They are a very affectionate family. They kiss in the mouth and hit each other on the butt. They are a very open family so it took some getting used to on my part. But after two years I got over it. So I travel for my work and my wife doesn’t like staying alone so her brother sleeps over when im gone. Well i decide to surprise my wife and come home a day early. I walk into our apartment to loud music and clothes all over the floor. It looked like a tornado hit the place. Something doesn’t feel right so I dont announce im home. I go to our bedroom and there is my wife having an orgy with her brother and two guy cousins. Steve lets just say 9-1-1 was called and some arrest were made. Now I was ready to divorce her but now she tells me she’s pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is. I mean what kind of mess is this.

Steve, brother, I need some advice