Strawberry Letter: Child Not My Ex Husband’s [AUDIO]


Strawberry Letter

Subject: Child Not My Ex Husband’s

Hello Steve and Shirley I’m a divorced mother with two teenage girls at home I need help I’ve been struggling with this hurt for years and now it’s time to come clean while I was still legally married to my ex husband while we was separated because of the mental and physical abuse I slept with another man whom I thought was a friend in the course of this I became pregnant with my last child and I told the other man and my ex my ex stepped up to raise her because we had other children together it hurts real bad that I can’t tell him I want a paternity test I know it’s the right thing to do how can I tell my children to tell the truth if I’m holding on to this I didn’t mean to hurt anyone but now my child is 14 and she needs to know but I don’t wanna hurt anyone I’m lost and the other guy refuse to say anything until I rule out her dad she has please give me some guidence

sincerely unique