Strawberry Letter: Young 2,000 Miles Love [AUDIO]


Strawberry Letter

Subject: Young 2,000 Miles Love

Hey Steve 3 years ago I graduate college in Atlanta and met a nice young lady who I have been with since. Since Graduate I ended up moving back home to Chicago and yes I brought along her as well. Before me and my girlfriend who is 4 years younger than me I was living on my own before I moved my GF in with me because her Mom kicked her out the house because her Mom didn’t want her talking to me. Now everything is great her family loves me I am a really good man very motivated, ambition, and take business serious. I am a young film composer in the making however since I moved this GF all the way to Chicago everything has just went bad. She is very in love with me but we are just two different PPL. She doesn’t have goals , the only thing she likes to do is take pictures of herself in the mirror, post IG Pics, and get her hair done. Me, however I am trying to go back to school, work on films, and just keep striving for goals. I know she is crazy about me but I feel she only moved here because she had no place to go and she is just tagging along. Our apartment lease ends and we have to go separate ways because I want to save money moving with my parents for a few months so I can keeping moving fwd. She does not want to split obviously but She doesn’t have any goals and does not understand why I do. I feel now she is extra baggage I cant get rid of and she does not want to achieve anything but I feel bad because I know she does not and cannot survive out here on her own she does make good money but at the same time Im holding myself back from what I want. I see no future with us but she does I even offer to move her back home but she wants to stay and I just feel bad I moved her here and everything went down by how I feel. I’m not in love with her anymore that’s done but at the same time I feel obligated to still take care of her because I’m the reason she is here but Steve shirley this brotha here got dreams and goals and I do not want to hold myself back and regret it. I am 26 , no kids, college degree, overall one of those young men you wouldn’t imagine. I know this is long but I hope You received this. Please help me out I am a huge fan and love what you all do on the show. God bless and Love you all even though we have not met in reality.


Young Brother

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