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Pole dancing and stripping are not one in the same. The former is represented by the Pole Sport Organization’s National Pole Championships and hopes to become an Olympic event. The latter is associated with clear, Lucite heels, string bikinis, and the practice of raining down dollar bills. Those rather clear differences haven’t stopped Ashley Wright from drawing criticism when videos of her child watching or joining her during aerial performances on a brass pole surface online.

“I think what my daughter sees—being that I have such an amazing bond with her—is that she sees that mother is unapologetically herself,” Wright said during an appearance on “The Doctors.” “I believe if you are courageously, unapologetically in love with yourself, then you no longer compromise the quality of care for your loved ones.”

Wright appears in Raheem DeVaughn’s “Queen” video and says she holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Hampton University. In addition to other media appearances, Wright was featured in NewsOne’s profile of fellow breastfeeding advocate Karlesha Thurman.

A new video, featuring Wright both pole dancing with her baby Shannon and combining the practice of “babywearing” can be seen below.


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