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The University of North Georgia has succeeded in depicting the true issue with America, but ironically, it was an accident.

This week, the university issued an apology and agreed to stop circulating a course catalogue with a derogatory cover that depicts White men winning a race against a woman and a Black man, according to the Raw Story.

Raw Story reports:

The illustration, used as the cover of a continuing education catalog, shows two white men wearing black suits celebrating as they cross the finish line ahead of a woman of indeterminate race and a black man, with the tagline, “Why follow when you can lead?”

They are dressed in professional attire, although the black man is dressed more casually and the woman is wearing heels, and they appear to be struggling to keep up.

Kate Maine, the vice president of university relations, said the image failed to represent the institution’s commitment to diversity.

“The image was not representative of UNG’s commitment to diversity, and this will serve as an opportunity for increased dialogue about diversity issues and we expect that to better inform our processes and publications,” said Kate Maine, the university official.

We’re pleased that the university took immediate steps to discontinue distribution of the catalogue. But the very fact that it was disseminated in the first place encapsulates the nation’s ongoing struggles with race and gender equality at every level in education, employment, and the criminal justice system.

Indeed, if education is supposed to be the great equalizer, the image is hardly one that a higher institution of learning should convey on its course catalogue. It sends out the message to potential applicants: Why try?

America, we have to do better.

SOURCE: Raw Story | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter

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