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Strawberry Letter

Source: Steve Harvey Morning Show

Subject: All In The Family

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I’ve been dating Shaun for the past year and we’ve talked about marriage. I love him and know he’s the man for me. Well, I thought so. We went to his family reunion recently and I met his brother Harold and sparks began to fly. I don’t know why, but the attraction between us was very strong. He looked just like Shaun. We partied, ate, drank and I was feeling pretty good. I went in the house to cool off because it was very hot outside. I was sitting on the couch and in came Harold, Shaun’s brother. I don’t know what came over me, but before I knew it, we were making out. He said, “Let’s go to the basement.” I followed and you know what happened. We cleaned ourselves up and went back outside to the cookout. Then, a beautiful black Benz pulled up and Shaun said that it was his dad and he couldn’t wait for me to meet him. Shaun’s dad got out the car dressed to the T, with a white hat and gators on. OMG! He was even finer than Shaun and his brother Harold. We locked eyes and sparks flew. We talked, ate, drank, danced and also ended up in the basement. What is wrong with me and the attraction to the men in this family? I’ve never done such a thing. I love Shaun. When the reunion was over, Shaun’s brother Harold and his dad were standing together and they gave Shaun the “thumbs up!” I asked why they did that. Shaun said they approve of me and that I’ll make a wonderful wife. Was I being tested by Shaun’s brother and dad? Have they done this with past girlfriends of Shaun? Should I tell Shaun what happened? Or does he already know? What should I do? What do you think?

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