Strawberry Letter

Source: Steve Harvey Morning Show

Subject: What does he really want?


Dear Steve and Shirley I am so confused. I thought I had found the love of my life in this man…..til his ex decided she wanted to be friends again. We had a great fun filled relationship no complaints. Then she decided to come back around. He had told me about her before since she was his last relationship. She hurt him deeply and dumped him after 4 months. I could still hear the hurt in his voice. Well she came back around and he began being friends with her and our relationship begin to sour. I must admit I was very jealous and insecure about the association but it turns out I had reason to be….he was still in love with her! We began to fight constantly and we ended up breaking up but still lived together a month after….he said he wanted to repair our relationship and sort thru his feelings about her. Eventually he moved out and started seeing her…..but insisted we remained friends. He still pays certain bills at my house and refuses to disconnect them even after I asked him to. 90 days after our breakup he proposed to her! He still had a key to my house!!!! I was devastated and broken when he married her a few weeks later. Yet he still insists that we keep contact and still won’t disconnect from my life. I don’t feel he’s truly happy with his decision that he made but why not leave me alone?! Our contact has been strictly platonic although there are moments where things are said that cross the line. What does he want from me Steve?! Why won’t he let go so I can let go?

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