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Christie Goodwin


Way back in 1991, Timbaland was making music with some local unknown friends. They called themselves S.B.I., short for Surrounded By Idiots. But there is still something special about that group, when looking back more than 20 years later.

You see, those friends were actually Pharrell Williams and Magoo. Of course you know P, the musical Midas touch personified. And of course you know Magoo of “Timbaland and Magoo” fame. Surrounded by Idiots was actually just surrounded by talent. And while many people have overlooked the fact that S.B.I. ever existed, we thought it’d be great to flashback to Timbo’s early years on his birthday.

Listen to the S.B.I. crew and note the progression over time. You can also hear the heavy A Tribe Called Quest influence in the rhymes, flows and even the production. Hop on the Timbo DeLorean and enjoy some S.B.I. flavor from 1991.

S.B.I. “It’s Like That” 

S.B.I. “If You’re Freaky” 

S.B.I. “Skull Caps & Striped Shirts” 

S.B.I. “Vulnerable” 


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