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Amor Kismet

Paula Sprenger

Paula Sprenger

Atlanta’s own Amor Kismet’s vocal chemistry is undeniable, and it might have something to do with the trio being sisters. Erika, Crystal and LJ have been singing, writing, and playing together their entire lives, and they recently just released their first EP, “The Love.”

Amor Kismet isn’t R&B, pop, or neo-soul, but a refreshing blend of genres that offers up a unique sound that hasn’t been heard.

Their inspirations— SadeBob Marley, Selena, and Aaliyah— are felt on each song they’ve co-written on the EP, along with their own sounds of guitar and the congas.

Amor Kismet isn’t well-known, but the industry won’t sleep on the group much longer. BET named them one of the most promising new acts in music and selected them to perform at this year’s BET Experience.

Listen to their new EP “The Love” below to hear why people think they’re something refreshing the music industry needs.


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