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Josh Brasted


ESPN’s Robert Flores made a statement that Iggy Azalea is killing hip-hop, and her boyfriend, Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young didn’t appreciate it. Once he saw the clip, Young fired back at Flores with a few words on Twitter.

“Since these Sports Channels want to like they BET we shall see,” Young said. “It’s cool to talk about me all day, any day. I find with that, I can take a joke. That’s what I do joke, but I didn’t see the point of that.”

The joke came on Sports Center, where Flores joked about a near-death experience Young had with a dolphin, a tale that was told on Twitter by Iggy.

“Nick is scared of dolphins,” she said. “A dolphin in Cabo tried to kill him once. I was there and to be fair, it’s true. Now he won’t go on the wild dolphin snorkel tour. Lol.”

Flores used this as fuel for his joke.

“We learned that, according to Nick Young, a dolphin recently tried to kill him,” he said. “So, while dolphins are trying to kill you, your girlfriend is trying to kill hip-hop.”

Today, Flores didn’t address the issue, but asked about what’s been going on.

Do you think Flores was out of line, or did he have a point?

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