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Dear Steve and Shirley,

So I had recently had an event at my school that I had went to some time ago and while being there I seen a guy I would sometimes to the dirty with he was so sweet and we were the best of friends so when it was over he kissed me and I didn’t feel ashamed or did I feel like telling him I had a new bf of 8 months so after the kiss one thing led to another and we were having sex for what he called old times sake and even thought I didn’t feel bad about it and I smile every time I think about it I feel bad for not telling him I had a boyfriend we havent talked sence then which is typical cause that what used to happen in school so I went home that night and I kinda pushed away my boyfriend I keep talking about my ex who I had just slept with when my boyfriend got to asking questions cause he knew that we had sex in the past I completely denied it and swore on everything it wasnt true now im pregnant and scared I don’t know who the baby could belong to not to mention I already have a 6 month old who my boyfriend take great care of and she not his either I don’t know what to do and please don’t go on about how im a booty call to my ex and im a bad person cause im not I just had to get it out of my system I really liked him when we were together and I wanted it to never end and im madly in love with my boyfriend I just wish that things would be smooth again so Steve and Shirley what should I do no one knows im pregnant yet so should I tell them both or one of them should I tell my boyfriend I slept around or should I move on and let things pass through please help me love caring another man baby.

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