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Tired of living a lie Dear Shirley and Steve I have three man in my life. Let me start off  by tell something about each one. Guy number one- we have been  together for 7yrs. we live together, I love him but I’ve come to realize  that I am not in love with him. But he is the one i feel i want to  spend the rest of my life with. But then again we have nothing in  common at all, two different people. Guy number two-i have known him for almost 3yrs. He makes me feel so special we both want the same thing, but he has a girlfriend and she does know about me. but i am tired of being the other woman, but he wants me to want for him. He tells me that i am his world and he would not know what to do without  me. Guy number three-he is my money man and will buy whatever i want. All i have to do is tell him. we have known each other all my life. he is old enough to be my father. but i am still attractive to him. But i am tried of living this lie! So what should i do?

Listen to Steve Harvey and Shirley Strawberry respond to this letter below:

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