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My husband and I have been married 34 + years. When we first got married, he was insanely jealous and if he thought I even looked at another man, he went off the deep end. The last few years, our sex life has took a dark turn (at least in my mind). My husband cannot function unless we talk about me having sex with other men. I don’t understand it and have a real problem with it because it really ruins it for me. I’ve entertained the talking even though I don’t like it because I love my husband but he wants me to literally fulfill his fantasy. I absolutely refuse to have sex with other men at his prompting. A few years ago, he would send me out to the bars and tell me to have sex with someone and even would help me dress sexy. I became involved with another man but never went so far as to have sex with him. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I have been faithful to my husband for all these years even though at times I have suspected foul play on his part. I have to live with what I do and the involvement with the other man almost destroyed me mentally. How can I go on being married to this man when I feel he has lost all feelings and respect for me? Please help me understand.

Listen to Steve Harvey & Shirley Strawberry respond to this letter below:

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