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Kenya Armbrister wants to be part of a group to head off into the next frontier, and she’s got a decent shot of making it happen!

The 36-year-old California resident has thrown her name into the running for the Mars One Mission. Out more than 20,000 applications that came in from all around the world, she’s made it into the short list of 100 finalists for the mission.

Kenya told Huffington Post this week that she’s a prime candidate for Mars One.

“I feel like I have the qualities and characteristics that Mars One is looking for,” she told host Marc Lamont Hill. “I’m very adaptable. I have a team spirit attitude. I’m very resourceful and trustworthy…and that’s what Mars One is looking for.”

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While she is a bit “fearful” of what she might face on the mission, she’s clearly got a healthy sense of adventure as well. This doesn’t mean she’s not aware of the risks that come as part of this project.

“There’s radiation that we’ll have to protect ourselves from on the journey there and on Mars, but we’ll be able to use the soil on Mars–five meters of soil–to help us protect our crops and ourselves from radiation,” Kenya stated, expressing confidence in her prospective party.. “Bone density loss as well, but there’ll be a lot of counter measures done… before we even get there.”

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Something to note here is that the Mars One Mission is a one-way trip. The settlers will spend the remainder of their lives on The Red Planet building up a working community.

If she’s selected, she would effectively be leaving everything she knows behind in order to create a settlement on Mars. It’s a prospect that her mom isn’t thrilled about because she’d essentially be saying goodbye to her child forever. The rest of Kenya’s loved ones are more supportive of the decision.

“My mother would prefer I stay here on earth and have children and get married,” Kenya explained, “But my father and my brothers are super-excited and my friends, and everyone’s cheering me a hundred percent.”

There’s always the possibility that Kenya could still get married and have kids on Mars. Some 24 people will be selected for the Mars One mission, but there’s no word on how the settlers will be accounting for any new lives that may be created during the mission.


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