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Packing your lunch not only helps you not pack on extra pounds, but this healthy habit can also help you stack more cash beauties. According to the January 2012 Workonomix Survey conducted by Accounting Principals, workers buying lunch every day spend nearly $2,000 per year on their midday grub.

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So I say stash that cash and put that money toward some RAD fit gear instead. The first (and only) stop on this express train to packing healthier lunches is the lunch staple: the sandwich.

1. Better Bread

Okay so you eat whole grain bread now and even sometimes order your turkey burger without the bun. But here’s the deal beauties, there are tons more options for that gooey carb holding your sandwich together. Try that fresh baked bread you’ve been eyeing at the corner bakery and eat your turkey sandwich open faced perhaps. Trust me, you won’t even miss the top slice. Or ditch the bread all together and roll your turkey and swiss combo in some sturdy leafy greens like collards or Boston lettuce leaves. And here’s a third option – if you like a little crunch in your munch, swap your two slices of dough for some thin rice cakes or jumbo crackers – hello adult lunchables!

2. Protein: Pass v. Please

Even if you aren’t a carnivore, getting this essential layer in is keen, as this is what will hold you down until dinner. So go lean and skinless too and opt for fresh cooked meats as opposed to their processed friends. This will help keep the sodium, fat and calories down. However if meat free is your thing then please pass the hummus or other bean dips. These options are great sources of not only protein, but fiber (read fuller longer) too. Plus they can also double as yummy spreads (move over mayo).

3. Fun With Foliage

If your break room sandwich is a combo of only bread, meat and cheese (which is cool by the way – in moderation of course) then it may be time to invite Mother Earth’s favorite nutrient rich items to the party – vegetables. Not only will those layers of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc. load your sandwich up in a healthy way, it will also help you easily get your daily five in. Or if you really like bread, meat and cheese only, toss those veggies in a bowl – hello side salad! On the side or on top, your choice.

4. Healthy Fatties 

Don’t forget to layer on the healthy fatties. Think avocados, a drizzle of olive oil, Greek yogurt based dips or even nut butters – when mixed with chili powder peanut butter can turn into a magical Thai based spread lady. Be creative and have fun with this instantly flavorful layer.

Now Prep & Pack!

Well, there you have it – all the essential layers. Like I said earlier, cheese can come play too, just watch those portions since this is usually the number one sandwich wrecker when it comes to your health. However when consumed in moderation a thin slice can be a great source of calcium and added protein. Now for the most essential step – prep and pack. To keep my taste buds satisfied, I start the week off with two to three meat options, various pre-cut veggies ( I even grill some), two fun spreads and a couple of bread (or nah) options. I lock and load two at a time, wrap them in some cling wrap and girl – that’s a wrap – healthy sandwiches on deck.

Robbie Ann Darby (RAD Experience) is a professional FitGirl, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in NYC. Follow her sweaty life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more fun health and fitness tips!


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