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Kanye West had a huge Grammy night and Yeezy was even the most mentioned artist on Twitter during the night’s festivities. But hundreds of people were duped into thinking ‘Ye said this:

It may look like an official tweet from Kanye at a quick glance, but it’s actually a parody account with a handle that’s slightly different from Kanye’s real name.
But that didn’t keep some fans from retweeting, favoriting and reacting to this fake account.
Like this person who thought this was another example of Kanye having zero chill.
Or this person, who thought the tweet was sincere.
Oh, and some even offered words of encouragement.
Was there anything more sad than this person trying to calm fake Kanye down?
Hopefully you weren’t bamboozled by this parody account. Keep an eye out for the fake Yeezys out there!

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