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Strawberry Letter: Stinky Spouse

I am writing this because I don’t know what to do regarding my husbands body odor. After seven years, he has really let him self go! I admit that when I met him, he took pride in his appearance. I noticed he was overdressing for his labor job, and told him he should look and feel more relaxed. Now, he has taken it entirely too far. I notice when he brushes his teeth, he isnt doing the best job. Actually, he brushes while sitting on the toilet doing a number two. How can you wipe your behind, and stick your hand near your mouth?? He spits his toothpaste into a piece of toilet paper. Next, he always smells musty. He has never smelled like this before. I know other people can smell it, and I definitely do! I don’t even want to get started on his foot odor. I have even seen stains in his underwear. It’s disgusting. In fact, I can even make love to him because his odor completely dries my vagina. His children also exhibit poor hygiene. Their bodies and breath smell so bad that I have to ask them not to stand too close to me, or speak to me in an enclosed area. Why in the world would such a great looking guy fall off like this!?! He smells from head-to-toe. It’s like he doesn’t care about himself, but I know he does. It’s just nasty. He used to dress nice, smell good, and now he doesn’t seem to give a damn. Help!

Listen to Shirley Strawberry and Nephew Tommy respond to this letter below: