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Tweet’s Reuniting With Missy & Timbaland


Tweet made a quiet comeback a few years ago when she performed her song “Enough” for “Interludes” and now the Southern Hummingbird is back and reunited with Missy and Timbaland. Girl! Does this mean we’ll be getting a “Smoking Cigarettes” part 2?

During an interview on The Skorpion Show, Tweet revealed, “I just signed with someone–it’s official too. But I can’t make the official announcement yet, I’m so mad. It’s a big label. It’s for real though.”

Tweet, who took some years off to soul search, opened up about the new record. “I took it back to who it worked with the first time. The same producers, Missy and Tim…. We’re family. We’ve known each other for forever. Tim even called me and said he needed me to do some stuff on my record. So I was like yeah. And Missy always calls and says ‘We got to do this. Let’s do some records together.’ She’s always still pushing me.”

Check out her Interludes performance, below:





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