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Subject: Dumb and Funky

Dear Steve and Shirley,

HELP! I have a friend that has a 2 part issue. #1 My Cousin is so desperate for love that she has been meeting men online and giving up the goods on the first date. I know that we are all grown and can do what we please but she does not get a second date. She recently met a man a month ago that she claims she loves and is ready to marry and move out-of-state with him mind you she only has seen him 3 times and he has not made the offer she just has in her mind that this is what will happen. Since mentioning moving to this man he has become distance and finds excuses not to be on the phone with her. We have all told her that these are red flags but she does not get it (mind you she is a Clinical Psychologist and 38 years old).

Issue #2 and the most important issue to me is that she STANKS!!! She has the body odor that can knock you out and she has the nerves to think she is the finest thing walking. At first we use to think that she smelled because she was over weight but she has lost 110 pounds and the odor has become stronger. We have bought her clinical deodorant, bath and body works shower gel and sprays but she still smells. We are in our Women’s Group in church and when someone brings up the foul odor she always says “that is a shame that people are that darn funky.” So someone asked if it was her politely and said “oh no I don’t do funk”. I am like girl your first, middle, and last name should be “STANK, FOUL, and FUNKY! Steve PLEASE HELP! We were at a wedding and a family member told her that she smelled and she was ready to fight. I know she listens to your show daily and if I get one more migraine from the funk I am going to pass out.

Dumb and Funky

Listen to Steve Harvey and Shirley Strawberry respond to this letter below:

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