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A new episode of Love & Hip-Hop: New York airing on MLK Day just seems completely wrong. And while the good reverend would probably lose his mind at this display by his people, we’re here embracing the entertaining product that Mona Scott-Young has provided us. With that said, let’s get the party started.


We’ll tackle the least entertaining portions of the show first. Cisco is attempting to piece his life together, while simultaneously fixing his relationships. The mother of his two children doesn’t seem all too cool with his plan of action, which of course didn’t go over well with the producer. The funny thing about this situation is the fact that Cisco reached out to Rich Dollaz for advice, who’s notoriously been awful with his own relationships on the show.


And speaking of awful relationships, we jump over to the second leg of least entertaining storylines, with Chrissy and Chink. The couple is still arguing over their relationship, which is a difficult one to figure out, considering that the producer is still married. Although he’s legally separated from the situation, he’s now being pressured into starting a family with Chrissy, which includes marriage and children. The very forced storyline doesn’t seem like it’ll end well, as former madame delivers some unsettling news to her boyfriend.


But, onto the portions of the show that you came for. Peter Gunz is back from his trip with Tara and the kids, which he masked as a trip for an energy drink photo-shoot. With Amina now in labor, the Bronx rapper deemed it appropriate to let her know that he “chose” her over Tara. Not the smartest of moves by 40+ year old, but hey, what else did you expect? The couple eventually said hello to their new baby girl, which seemed to table some of the animosity.


No need to worry, Rich Dollaz, Erica Mena and Cyn Santana picked up all the slack. After what seems to be a final split between the ladies, it looks like the gloves have officially come off. Cyn sets up a meeting with Rich to discuss her recording a tribute song for her deceased brother. In addition to Dollaz agreeing to work with her on the song, he also offered her the opportunity to be the face of his new liquor. Naturally, this news didn’t go over well with Mena.


See for yourself, below.


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