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Kevin Garnett has long been known as a player with a bit of an edge on the basketball court, but last night “The Big Ticket” took his antics a step too far. With just under eight minutes left in a game against the Houston Rockets, Garnett and fellow big man Dwight Howard got into a tussle after a foul was called in the paint.

Starting with a couple of small shoves after the whistle, the altercation soon escalated with Garnett throwing the ball at Howard and then clearly head-butting him. Howard returned with a quick slap to Garnett’s neck before the two players were separated by the referees, their fellow players, and some security.

After a lengthy review process, Garnett received a personal foul and technical foul, was ejected from the game, and will likely face a suspension and fine for the fight from the league. For his part, Howard received his own technical and mostly shrugged off the incident in a post-game interview.

“I don’t know,” Howard said when asked about the fight and how he felt about it. “Doesn’t matter. We won the game. That’s what matters. We’ve got 82 games and the playoffs. I’ll do my damage when it’s time.”

Watch the whole thing play out in the video below:


Garnett is just the latest NBA player to butt heads with Dwight Howard as the Rockets Center has earned a reputation as a bit of an unlikeable instigator in the league. In the first game of this season, legendary smack-talker Kobe Bryant confronted Howard after being hit in the face with an elbow and called him “soft” and a “bitch-ass nigga” during a timeout. Separately and not long after, Kevin Durant similarly called out Howard from the bench of a game in November, reportedly telling Howard repeatedly, “You’re a pussy.”

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