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In his first report as the NYPD’s Inspector General, Philip Eure narrowed in on authorities using the chokehold, which despite its 20+ years ruling in being banned/illegal, cops have resorted to during interrogations. And now, most infamously, the chokehold was used by Daniel Pantaleo who ended up killing Eric Garner on a Staten Island street. Eure’s research used 10 cases from 2008 to 2012, and it was discovered that no cop who used the chokehold experienced disciplinary action from their supervisors.

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Included in the report is this statementquestioning the legacy of the chokehold:

“While the substantiated use of prohibited chokeholds by members of the NYPD in any context is troubling, the fact that several of the subject officers in the 10 cases reviewed by OIG-NYPD used chokeholds as a first act of physical force and in response to mere verbal confrontation is particularly alarming…”

“Rather than using communication skills and approved tactics to de-escalate tense encounters with members of the community, these officers immediately turned to a prohibited and dangerous physical act to try to control the situation.”

There is also a foreword by Mark Peters, the Department of Investigation Commissioner, who disclosed that the report came about after the “horrific events of December 20,” or as we’ve come to know it–the murders of police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos in Brooklyn. Peters wrote:

“[while] the NYPD [are] among the most professional and best-trained police forces in the world…Neither the NYPD’s virtues and successes, nor its acknowledged importance to our civic life, should be used to prevent a discussion of genuine problems. One can respect the NYPD and still seek to address the legitimate concerns of the communities it serves.”

The chokehold was originally banned in 1993 by then New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly (suggested by the Civilian Complaint Review Board.) Eure took it upon himself to investigate the chokehold’s recent history since the move became a topic of discussion when Garner died but largely so when Pantaleo was shockingly not indicted by Staten Island juries.

The report acknowledged that while every case is different, there were plenty of cases  in which the victim or detained were not behaving violently and were resorted to the restrictive tactic. Eure is hoping to train and encourage safer, rational ways to de-escalate situations than behaving as if making them potentially fatal are the only way to solve an issue.

What do you think beauties? Is this possible? Sound off in the comments below.


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