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Subject: 2 Situations, 1 Family

Hello Steve, Shirley, Carla, and Tommy,

This is the problem.  I get married in 2 days to the woman I chose to spend the rest of my life with.  The fellas threw me a major party one weekend with the baddest entertainment.   Well during the party, drinks flowed and, well, one of the entertainers and I had a private session of our own.  Ok, my bad for that . . . but that’s not the actual problem.  Come to find out that the entertainer is my soon-to-be wife’s cousin!  One evening everybody got together to have a family dinner and she was so excited for me to meet her cousin and BAM!, it’s the woman I was doing some weird things to the night before.  My face dropped.  I didn’t know what to do but try to play it off.  She mentioned her cousin a couple of times, but I never met her.  But the cousin knew all about me.  Now, for my other situation, my girl always tried to keep me away from her sisters because she said some of the women in her family is trifling.  Well, it’s true because now I have to find out how to tell her that her nephew is my son and that’s why my checks are less than what they was before.  As it got closer to the date of my wedding, she went for an increase in support.  What should I do?  It would crush her if she knew all this . . .

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