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“Cancel that b*tch!” – Nino Brown


Here we are with episode two of Love & Hip-Hop: New York, season five. The fueds heated up a bit in this installment, but…we won’t jump that far ahead. Instead we begin where the first episode left off, and that’s in Vegas with Mendeecees and Yandy. After being incarcerated for 18 months, the record exec felt like getting married as soon as possible was the right thing to do. And while the intent and love was there, Yandy couldn’t quite bring herself to take the leap. The couple agreed that it should be done at proper ceremony, so there weren’t any problems.

However, the same can’t be said for Cisco and Diamond, who had a difference in plans. After leaving her life in California, the aspiring model showed up expecting to basically move in with her “boyfriend” and live happily ever after. But, it seemed like that wasn’t quite what was in store. After pulling a juke move similar to the shiftiest player in Madden, the producer had her shack up with a friend of his, which didn’t sit well with Ms. Strawberry. Lucky for her, it wasn’t the first time she’d find herself in an odd/angry situation with the apple of her eye.

Next up we link up with our favorite uptown couple: Erica and Cyn, who are starting a clothing line together called, “Her”. The two ladies seemed to be on the up and up, but you know that never lasts long. After Mena downplayed her issues with Chrissy, Cyn was sent some incriminating posts from IG, which she approached her girlfriend about. In glorious enraged latin women fashion, the couple got into a shouting match in the middle of the street over the posts, which Erica claimed to not understand Cyn’s anger about. This prompted Ms. Santana to meet with Chrissy to get to the bottom of the issues, but found herself hit with a slightly heavier “truth” than she anticipated. But this wasn’t the last we’d see of the former madame, as her and Erica got to interact on a more personal level later on in the show.

Personal interaction is something Amina doesn’t seem to be doing with her husband, as of late. In preparation for the arrival of their new child, the songstress found herself alone during a maternity shoot. After voicing her displeasure about Peter’s disappearing act to her sister, Mrs. Pankey gave her husband and ear full.  Gunz hit her with a fresh song-and-dance to smooth things over, but that definitely wasn’t the end of the beef. An alleged lunch-date went unattended by Peter, the Blaq butterfly singer rolled up on her husband having lucnh…with his ex-girlfriend Tara and their two children.


You can imagine how well this went.

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