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Why were 2 NYPD officers sitting in their marked police car shot by a crazed gunman in a so-called retaliation for the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown…..


Funk Dat   Senseless killing of all kinds need to stop!!!!!!  NOW!!!!



Why were a pair of drunk men in Mexico walking a dog when one of touched the other in a intimate way…. the man who was touched shot and killed the other man…. and they were friends… then cut off his piccolo and fed it to the dog…..


Funk Dat    After he sobered up he turned himself in to police….That’s the least he could do for his bestie…..



Why is there a YouTube video of robbers in Russia who supposedly robbed a church… They were in a police chase…. killed by a  bolt of lightning….


Funk Dat   Thou Shalt not Steal!!!




Why did 2 young women … in Florida….steal 300 dollars in merchandise in Walmart… then laugh and smile on their mug shots like they were taking selfies!!!!


Funk Dat   Florida…. something special….


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