Why have researchers in Australia designing a bionic bra….. the bra will adjust itself as breast movement is detected….  having to wait until the research is done…..


Funk Dat   Some women say they need this NOW!!!!   Support!


Why did a woman get a call from TSA that her bag had been found….  Her bag had been lost 20 years ago… The bag was filled with $600.00 in Art supplies that she bought at an Art conference…


Funk Dat   The TSA ain’t no joke… That bag was lost before the TSA was created!!!!


What’s wrong with these people…. Why… in the same week do we have a Ga police officer charged with child molestation and a Ga Cub Scout leader sentenced to life in prison for molestation…..


Funk Dat  This is why you volunteer with people who work with your kids… to keep an eye on them…


Why did a man spend 150 thousand dollars to look like Kim Kardasian….  He needs to get a refund…



Funk Dat    dude has enough Botox in his lips to fill a cup and a nose job is next…..


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