Why did a New York publication do a story about a teen making 72 million dollars in stocks…  When other news outlets tried to do interviews and research.. it ends up that he’s about 72 million short…..


Funk Dat  The story is a fake…..  I bet he was just trying to get girls….


How did a man in New Jersey get arrested and held in jail for months on gun possession charges…. but he can’t use his arms because of a spinal condition…..


Funk Dat    Something in the milk ain’t clean…..



Why is a Japanese woman known as the boob goddess…. making a product that you can buy to massage your boobs to add fullness and firmness…..


Funk Dat   I can just use my hands….



Why is World Star Hip Hop doing Shtuff you should know…..  by asking “Questions” to women on the beach in Miami….




Funk Dat……


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