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Subject: Lying Husband


Before I start I would like to say I listen to the show every morning running to traffic and when I finally get to work. I love y’all! Now where do I begin. I’m 24 years old and I’ve been married for three years to a military man and we have a one year son together the problem that I’m having is my husband is an habitual liar. I catch him in lies all the time.  I can’t believe anything he says, example had a friend (girl) that he was talking to a phone all the time to say that it was just work-related when I will telephone bill he was calling her and she was calling him all times of the night and they were talking for hours at a time. Then he says oh she is from New York this hometown and she knows his people, come to find out he was from Florida, so obviously I am thinking his cheating on me with this girl right! To this day you will not admitted he says that they were just friends. I cheated once before which he doesn’t know about so I let it slide. So I told him to stop talking to her and I left it alone. I haven’t seen her number the phone bill again but knows. Another example I found out he has an email account that I didn’t know about so I confronted him and he says it is his in the end it is, he just lies so much and sometimes incident would not be as big as they are if he didn’t lie about them. He lies about where he’s going what he’s been doing, who he’s with, and when he was watching on TV who you been talking to everything when I ask why he lies so much it just says sorry and that he won’t do it anymore. I really love him but I feel like I can trust him or believe anything he says do you think he’s cheating on me or does he have this you just have a problem with telling the truth please help China eyes.

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