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Why is a group called Cards Against Humanity selling boxes of Bull ____

I mean actual  pre-packaged dried cow poop… Hey it makes a great gift….. although it is illegal to send feces through the mail to harass people…


Funk Dat  box made in China Poop made in America….


Ya know how a server will ask for your name on a “To Go” order…. why did a bartender not do that on an order of wings in Pennsylvania.  She just put the N word on the receipt to identify a man’s order….


Funk Dat    He says… He will never go back……


Why are scammers calling people here in the ATL asking for personal information…. and they have configured their caller ID to read Atlanta Police Zone 5….


Funk Dat   The real cops say they don’t call you to say you got a warrant they just come get you…..



Why is there a police dashcam video of a 23 year old officer pulling over a 76 yer old man for not having a sticker…. but the car had a dealer tag…. which makes a sticker exempt in that state.  The cop grabbed the man and wrestled him to the ground then tased him twice….


Funk Dat  Some of these cops need to Calm Down!!!!!


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