Why did a woman in … Florida… try to choke and kill an 11 year old boy for calling her daughter a name…. she forced him into the car after choking him to tell his mother….  who said


Funk Dat   She has been banned from the elementary school and is facing criminal charges…..


Florida seems to attract issues…. Why did an 11 year old girl  in Arkansas steal 10 thousand dollars from her grandma hitchiked…. then hailed a cab to take her to Jacksonville Florida….  She met a boy online and was trying to connect in person.  The cabbie told her the trip would cost 1300 dollars… they got just outside of Atlanta before cops got in touch with the cabbie…


Funk Dat  That lil girl is in a world of trouble… and she’s too young to chase boys…. anywhere!!!


Why did a man in Amsterdam go a little too far with a marriage proposal?  The man rented a crane… trying to descend in front of his girlfriend’s bedroom window… to pop the question….  But the crane toppled over and left a hole in the roof….   Then fell on the roof again when a larger crane tried to lift it….


Funk Dat   6 apartments were declared unsafe but the girl said yes…..



Why did a cow see a Chik Fil A commercial….  Why did a thousand pound cow that was being prepared for slaughter…. Jump a 6 foot fence at a meat packing house in Idaho….  took off through the streets and was chased by police… and rammed an animal control truck and two police cars….


Funk Dat   I’m sure you know who won that chase but the cow put up a good effort!!! eat more chicken….


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