Ok Why is a dog playing with matches…. and how did that dog start a house fire?  In Canada a dog was doing just that but the fire went out before fire fighters arrived…  There was a whole lotta smoke damage though…


Funk Dat   let him play with sticks not matches…..



Why did twin sisters in … Florida.. fight over a sex toy and one sister’s boyfriend… I’m just curious… do they want to share everything?  by the way one sister’s last name is Creamer……


Funk Dat    Uhhhhhhh……… OK…. Florida



Why did a father and his two sons…. All three dudes named Steven Mason (all first names are spelled differently) beat a man with pipes and a bat while he was pinned underneath a car at a funeral reception….

It was a dispute over some land….


Funk Dat  Steven Stop… you to Steven!!!!! I’m sorry Mr Mason!!!!!!



Why did a real estate millionaire husband cheat on his wife with a clerk in a shop then he cancelled his wife’s country club membership and cut off her access to various credit cards…..


Funk Dat   He was the one that cheated…. she slapped him with a 20 million dollar defamation suit….


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