Why was a man in … Florida….  seen out in public bucked nekked… playing with his piccolo (jerking his chicken) because he said his mom wouldn’t let him watch freaky flicks in the house….


Funk Dat   the police didn’t shoot at him so he must not have really had a weapon in his hand….


Why did a Maryland teenager eat a special brownie in class. The teacher asked for a piece… he agreed…  but what he didn’t tell her is the brownie contained weed….  She began feeling ill and disoriented…. The boy got arrested….


Funk Dat   I’m sure she probably got a bad case of the munchies too…..


Why is a minister in Alabama opening a church at a Buffalo Wild Wings…  he plans to have short services and attract new members…  Services will take place before the restaurant opens….


Funk Dat   What no beer or Wine….  and stay away from that sauce it’s hot as hell….


Why did an Idiot in Oregon show up at a courtroom on Monday facing heroin charges with hypodermic needles, cotton balls and suspected heroin in his pocket…..


Funk Dat    There’s no help for some people…. like id said…. Idiot!!!


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