Why were customers at a restaurant in Canada upset because they wanted their onions diced….   An argument escalated and then one of the customers reached into his friend’s coat pocket, pulled out a live snake and threw it behind the counter….


Funk Dat   We’ll dice your onions… no need to get hissy!!!!


Why is a county in Arizona considering not hiring smokers….  The county is citing health care costs… and would impose a 30 per cent surcharge on existing employees health care costs… The policy would not penalize gum or patch users but e-cigarettes would be a penalty…


Funk Dat  there are some productive people who smoke… they just need a lil break every now and then…


Why did a New York Restaurant use drones with mistletoe hanging from the bottom to hover above patron’s heads to encourage holiday kisses…  let one get out of control… it chopped the tip off of one person’s nose and cut them under the chin.


Funk Dat   The lady said she was happy she wasn’t hit in the eye……


Why did an officer in … Florida…. shoot a man in a stolen car with his hands up…. the man was listed in stable condition in a hospital in Orlando… by the way the officer is white and the other man is black…


Funk Dat  The sheriff says lets not rush to judgement until the investigation is complete…..



Why has someone stolen 90 batteries from school buses in DeKalb in the last 2 months….


Funk Dat  you don’t think some students who didn’t want to go stole them do you?


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