Why did a rich man in Pennsylvania murder his stepdaughter and hide her body so he can have relations with her corpse on video….


Funk Dat  Sick Sick Sick!!!!!!



Why did a man in Chi-Town attack and rob a woman who refused to give him her number on the L Train…

When he asked for her number she moved to a different car… he followed her…  got off when she got off… and put her in a headlock and tried to steal her phone when called 911


Funk Dat  …get over it bruh…. she wasn’t feeling you!!!!



Why was an officer in Arizona seen on video punching a 15 year old girl and put the girl in a  choke hold.  The girl is seen kicking and screaming “I cant Breathe”  her mother said she has asthmatic and emotional issues…


Funk Dat   Thank goodness this child is still living….


Why was a New York Doctor facing felony charges for choking a woman he knew and forcing her to swallow the morning after pill.. trying to cause an abortion….


Funk Dat  The Doc has lost his mind!!!!!



Why is there a story in the New York Daily News that says in 15 years there have been 179 fatalities involving NYPD Cops… of those… there have only been 3 indictments one conviction…. about 86 per cent were black or hispanic.


Funk Dat

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