Why did a pocket dial to 911 lead to an arrest… why did a woman in …Florida…. who had shoplifted a Walmart and gave a play by play of how she stole items to make Meth…. The call lasted 18 minutes…. and now she is in Jail!!!!


Funk Dat   How bout that!!!!


Why did a grandmother in Arizona send her 17 year old granddaughter a package containing Weed and Hash… at the post office the package smelled like weed… and the girl gave federal agents permission to open the package that contained a wooden box with “Somebody loves me” inscribed on it and a plastic baggie with Happy stuff labeled on it…


Funk Dat   Big Ma is bout it, bout it….


Why has a British woman defying an order to stop having loud relations with her husband…

A neighbor was complaining about the noise and the bed banging against the wall…  The court told her not to get loud enough for people outside her home to hear…..  She said…


Funk Dat   I guess i’m just gonna get arrested…..  and she did while she was getting busy….


Why did an 18 year old girl in North Carolina get arrested for narcotics possession and send a Tweet saying something like “surrendered myself at 7, got released at 11:30 Forget what you heard My mugshot’s cute!”


Funk Dat   Poor thang… she’s more concerned about how she looks than her reputation….


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