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Why did a man in Minneapolis who died of cancer have his wife put in his obituary that he was really Spider man…  and he battled a criminal named Cancer…


Funk Dat  Many of us wish Spidey was successful…..


Why did a 23 year veteran teacher in the state of Washington order an 8 year old student to unclog a toilet with his bare hands….


Funk Dat  the parents complained that the principal only reprimanded the teacher and gave him a warning


Why did a man in Iowa attack his pregnant wife with a McChicken sandwich…. she reportedly woke him up with the sandwich in hand and he took it… threw it at her because he doesn’t like them….. then he pulled out his phone and recorded her on video……


Funk Dat   Be careful who you have a baby for…. your man’s an idiot!!!


Why did a police dog in California, ingest crystal meth while on the job sniffing for drugs in a car…  Depending on the dosage it could have been fatal….


Funk Dat …. the dog, whose name is Koda is now back on the job….


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