Oct. 6 — A Jay Z in his 30s throwing shade involves him saying harsh things like, “Left condoms in your baby seat.” A 44-year-old Jay Z is much nicer, but swifter with his shade. Prime example: The “Who are you?” brush off when a paparazzo tries to get smart.

Mona Lisa

Oct. 11 — That one time Jay Z and Beyonce remixed the Mona Lisa.

Jay Z Basquiat

Oct. 13 — Jay Z has been dropping Basquiat references since the Kingdom Come days, so Jay Z deciding to dress up like the famed artist for this Halloween isn’t too much of a surprise. Would Basquiat have a deal with a champagne brand? Eh…

Jay Z and Beyonce.jpg

Oct. 22 — After a summer of divorce rumors, Jay Z and Beyonce silenced them temporarily by renewing their wedding vows last October in Europe. Congrats (and great PR), guys.

Happy Birthday Hov: Jay Z’s 45 Top Moments of 2014  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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