Why did a student in …Florida… lead a prostitution ring at a high school… he coordinated deals on social media and charged 50 to 100 dollars in cash and alcohol….


Funk Dat   Human Trafficking in High School….


Why are some teachers really different from when I was in school…. Why was a 32 year old teacher in Louisiana accused of participating in group relations with a 16 year old student and another 24 year old faculty member….


Funk Dat    She pleaded not guilty…..   What happened to Group study?


Why was a highway sign in Los Angeles put up with a typo….  in big letters you see O L I M P I C…..


Funk Dat  The subcontractor will have to pay for a new sign……


Why did a pastor in Houston refuse to bury a 93 year old woman who didn’t tithe enough while she was in a coma… she had only been a member of the church for 50 years…. the lady’s daughter said they knew she was ill…. but all they care about is money money money…..


Funk Dat


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