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Subject: Me, Him and Her Credit

Steve and Team!

I am confused about marriage! Maybe it’s this day and age and marriage is not what I thought it was! I have questions? Man o man. So I married this man who already had everything. I moved into his house. Which he reminds me of when he is angry! Is it just me or do women put up with stuff like this. OK! Here it is – my husband has credit cards with another woman. His ex girlfriend. They were together for 10 years, but he never married her. Now I knew he had cars with her and a few credit cards and he is paying them off. But he is still using the credit cards to purchase things for our house. My opinion is that he should close those accounts. Still pay them but close them. We make good money. His credit is shot but she has excellent credit. Should I feel some type of way about that. My credit is not like hers but it’s better than his. He told me what was before me is none of my business. Should I stay or go cause I don’t think he will close those accounts that he has with his ex. We have been married for 2 years. This is my first marriage and his 3rd. He says no other woman will have a problem with him having credit with another woman. My thought is to let it be another woman’s problem. This is just not how I pictured marriage. I mean there are other things too that should have me walking out the door. But I just really want to know if that is how we do it know a days. I just don’t feel like that is right. Please tell me if I am tripping.

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