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Subject: Where Do I Begin?

First of all Hello Steve Shirley Carla and Tommy,

I live in a small southern town in Georgia, so say no more. I recently moved to Florida 10 months ago to the big city of Jacksonville for a better paying job. A month after i moved there i met a wonderful man, who i deeply have feelings for but he lives back home near my old home town. Every other weekend he comes down to see me. I offer to come back home to visit him but, he said not to bother, because we wouldn’t have the privacy like we do here at my apartment. Well I am fine with that saves me from not paying for these high gas prices….LOL. Well to the point Codecracker. My best friend back home is getting marry and I am so happy for her but I told her i was unable to make it to the wedding due to work, which i was lying to her. Well the weekend of wedding was coming up and I began to feel guilty. Told my boss i need a couple of days off due to some issue back home. While i was heading back home I thought i would call my boyfriend and tell him i was coming home for a couple of days for a wedding. Well he told me he was going to a wedding also but didn’t have the time to see me because the wedding was out-of-town. Which i was fine with. I got to the ceremony in time to get a seat for the wedding and wished my best friend the best of luck for her wedding. Sitting in the far back of the ceremony I couldn’t see her new husband to be, all that well. So i decided to move up closer where i saw an empty chair so i could see the wedding and get a better look at the groom. As I walked up to the chair I noticed the groom to be is my boyfriend, i’ve been seeing for 9 months. I left soon as I saw him which he didn’t see me. Now my best friend is married to this man i once had a relationship with. I broke it off with him but giving him a different reason why i couldn’t see him any longer. I want to tell my best friend of 5 years about her husband and I, but my best friend doesn’t even know I’m gay. What should i do, because he doesn’t deserve a wonder woman, like my best friend. Help me out.


My Ex, best friend Husband now

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