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Why was a 22 year old woman working in a daycare in Clayton County arrested for kicking a toddler…..


Funk Dat    It’s called Day Care……


Why was a New York deputy suspended for slapping a man who didn’t want his car searched…  a friend of the man had his camera recording and posted the video to YouTube….


Funk Datt  The deputy can also be heard saying I’ll tear ______ head off and ____ down your neck….


Why did a woman in Austrailia track down the “anonymous” sperm donor of her 2 year old child then fall in love….  now they are engaged…. and a movie could be made…..


Funk Datt      OK…..   there’s a lot going on there….


Why was a bank teller in Pensylvannia not fooled when she held a yard sale and someone came by with some fake 20 dollar bills printed on Resume paper….


Funk Datt  He was charged with theft by deception…..


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