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carlesha-gaitherNow that 22-year-old Carlesha Freeland-Gaither has been found, details of her time captured and her heroic rescue have been revealed. Gaither was abducted in Philadelphia by an undentified man, who has since been identified as Delvin Barnes on Sunday at 9:40 p.m. in Germantown after she left a party for her godson. The authorities have released a shocking video of the abduction, which shows the moments leading up to the abduction as well as the horrifying abduction!

Freeland-Gaither struggled to get free of her attacker, and was forced into his car. She continued battling and smashed the car’s rear window while Barnes allegedly was trying to drive away as quickly as possible. It was reported that Gaither’s phone was recovered on the scene and according to ABC News, police believe that she either purposefully dropped it while she struggled with Barnes or threw it out of the window to tip off police. “She’s an intelligent girl,” Philadelphia Police Det. Jim Sloan told ABC News last week.

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Gaither then provided the correct pin number to Barnes, who withdrew money from her account at an ATM in Aberdeen, Maryland. This big mistake on Barnes’ behalf led them to Gaither. Authorities said Barnes made a number of mistakes himself which also contributed to the search, the most notable of which was his apparent disregard for surveillance cameras.

I watch enough Law & Order: SVU and The Blacklist to know that detectives were able to read the exact time when Gaither’s card was used at the ATM and they cross checked it with security camera feeds from around the ATM. They were able to release the footage to gain tips from the public.

Law enforcement in Virginia recognized a telling sticker on the suspect’s car and connected that car to Barnes, who was wanted in Virginia in a different attack. Authorities said investigators were able to determine the Virginia car dealership where Barnes bought the car. That dealership had GPS installed in the car as part of a program for financially worrisome customers. That GPS led police right to the vehicle in Jessup, Maryland, where agents took him into custody and rescued Gaither.

Hooray for technology and Gaither’s amazing ability to think on her toes, leaving clues for the authorities to find her.


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