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Subject: What Should We Do?

Dear Steve and the morning crew….

I am having a hard time with this situation. My girlfriend and I have been together for a year and a half and just had a baby 6 months ago. But her mom never liked me in the first place because of my dreads and tattoos. But recently my girl and I have got into a fight which ended with her having a black eye. So her mom wanted her home in which I understand. But now her mom doesn’t want use to see each other or talk to each other…she even went to the extreme and told my girlfriends manager what happened and now he says I’m not allowed on that property. But like I said we just had a baby six months ago and it’s hard for us because our families are against us being together and we are trying to be together for the baby’s sake. But she’s 22 and she’s letting her mother make all the decisions for her …her mom made her leave the house we was staying at together to stay with her….I use to see my son everyday and now I’m only able to see him twice a week because my work schedule. …This is our first child and I wanna see him everyday but I can’t because she’s letting her mom control her. I really love this girl with all my heart and I told her that we shouldn’t let no one get in between us no matter what…now her mom knows she’s talking to me and told her that she will disown her if we get back together. …what should I do Steve I’m only 23

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