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Our electronic system of elections is slowly moving in the right direction but leaves much to be desired. The state has made a case for the need and importance of voter identification to reduce fraud. But it is time for the next step. We the people need the use of today’s technology to allow:

— Voters in Georgia to vote at any polling place within the boundaries of the state of Georgia on election day.

— Every voter to get a paper receipt that includes their name, location and time that they voted. (This would not include the people that they voted for.) The receipt should be about the size of a Georgia lottery ticket and should be printed on paper that has a state watermark.

— That the same information on the receipt  is posted to a public website or through the Secretary of State Elections website.

Too often we hear rumors of votes missing from the process.  We also realize that with the ease of use of our modern electronic voting system, the strong possibility also exists that votes could be electronically deleted or simply not included, without accountability to the voter.

Every political member of government should also want this change to insure that they get credit for every vote cast.

The technology exists.  The state needs to lead the way and invest in this process to keep all parties involved transparent.  With enough support this will be presented to members of the state legislature.



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