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Wow, can you believe it’s been four whole years since Antoine Dodson let the news know that there was an intruder coming up in Lincoln Park “climbing in windows” and “snatching people up” before precautioning to “hide yo’ kids and wives?” He’s still riding on this fame and he will be appearing on a celebrity fight for ETV on Sunday (November 2).

But who will he be fighting? Yup, the actual “bed intruder.” The two haven’t seen each other since that day in 2010, and things got a little heated at their press conference for the fight.

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One thing we never knew, however, was who the intruder was. spoke with Rashaad Cooper, and he says that he was a friend of Dodson’s sister the whole time.  Dodson was a part of the “Bed Intruder” song which went viral, he performed at the BET Hip Hop Awards, and was featured on “Tosh.0,” and “The Cleveland Show.” Cooper is upset that Dodson “profited” from the incident and that he had to leave his town because people looked at him differently.


Give us your side of the story.

Cooper: “Me and him was cool. Me and his sister had a little fling. I did not hop on a trashcan and enter the window. I was at the house chilling one day, just me and Kelly. She tried to do something I wasn’t down for yet. All the sudden she got mad and bipolar and started throwing stuff, trying to fight me. So I won’t lie, I did hop out that window. (laughs) A mad woman? You don’t play with them.

“Next thing I hear on the news is all that. People from Huntsville and Lincoln Park came directly to me when they heard about it, and I told them it’s not true. But it didn’t matter because word spread like wildfire. I left. There was no point in me being in the area anymore. I won’t tell you where I moved, but I moved.”

Did you speak with Kelly after the incident?

Cooper: “Oh man, I lashed at her. I asked her, how could she lie like this? She said she didn’t want to talk to me, blah blah blah, she just went off. My heart was racing. It was like the Twilight Zone. I didn’t know what to do. I called my mom.”

What did your mother say?

Cooper: “Leave. I had to. I didn’t know where to go. I was losing it. All I wanted was revenge. But my mom said the Lord knows you, knows your heart, and you’re not that type of person. She was right. Then I saw him all over TV. I saw him on New Year’s Eve, I used to enjoy that show until I saw him on there with Ryan Seacrest. I saw him on Dr. Phil, Oprah, all that stuff. I built up anger and hatred toward him for destroying my life.”

How did you get involved [with the celebrity fight]?

Cooper: “I was on Facebook one day and saw a link about Antoine wanting to do some fighting. I was like, are you serious? I was always told patience comes to those who wait. So I contacted Damon (the promoter) and told him I want to settle something. I’m the alleged intruder. He asked if I was serious then contacted Antoine and we set it up. I’m looking forward to it because I’m still mad. Everything he said was a lie. He destroyed my life.”

Who do you think will win the fight? Who would even watch?

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