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All of these today are costume related… Why were Kandi and Cynthia from the Atlanta Housewives show wearing surgical masks on an international flight… to avoid catching… whatever!!!!

After a while you’re gonna see people with their own oxygen on the plane….


Funk Datt     Costume with a purpose…..


Why did the wife of Ray Rice… Janay go on Twitter and refer to the Ray Rice halloween costume…that’s his jersey and a blow up doll that you drag….  She said…  “It’s sad that my suffering amuses others”  she is so right!!!!


Funk Datt      Stop the Madness


Why did a Halloween display at Fort Campbell Ky get removed because it was offensive…. the display showed a black family hung from a tree and a knife in the back of a black child…..


Funk Datt    The occupant apologized…. I guess they really don’t see how bad that looks….


Why did a man break into his friend’s house dressed as a yellow Tele-Tubby and steal some Chinese food from the fridge… He dumped the food into a man purse and broke camp…..


Funk Datt     Happy Halloween


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