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18-year-old Vonderrit Myers  (although some media is reporting his name was Vonderrick) was yet another unarmed Black teen who was shot and killed by police. His autopsy was recently released and proves that not only was he shot eight times, but six of those shots were from behind. The shot that killed Myers was a brutal shot to the side of his face. Myers was shot by an off-duty police officer who moonlights as a security guard. This officer’s name has still not been released. But then again, Mike Brown’s killer Darren Wilson has also not been charged yet, so what else is new? According to AP, “a grand jury is expected to decide by mid-November whether criminal charges will be filed against Wilson.”

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According to the Asociated Press, Dr. Cyril Wecht told reporters at a news conference that the autopsy suggests that Myers was running away from the officer when he was shot, which matches earlier statements from witnesses who claimed that Myers was fleeing the scene when the officer opened fire. But you know what it doesn’t match? The story the St. Louis police department came up with. “The evidence shows that the story we’ve been given by the police department does not match up,” one of the Myers family’s attorneys, Jerryl Christmas, told AP. “There’s no evidence that there was a gun battle going on.”

Police officials stated that on Oct. 8 an unnamed police officer, who was still in his police uniform as he moonlighted as a private security guard, saw three men standing. He made a U-turn to question the men and claimed that they began to run. The officer gave chase and got into a physical altercation with Myers. Police Chief Sam Dotson claimed at a news conference that Myers broke free from the officer, pulled a gun and fired at him. Dotson claims that Myers fired three shots before his gun jammed and stated that the officer reportedly returned fire, shooting some 17 times. Lab tests by the Missouri State Highway Patrol reportedly showed gunshot residue on Myers’ hand, waistband and shirt, which police have stated is consistent with someone who has fired shots.

The shooting officer’s attorney Brian Millikan says that there’s no possible way that shots were fired at Myers as he ran away. Is that why he was shot six times from behind? Get this: According to Millikan, the autopsy shows that Myers was shot in the backs of the legs, but the attorney claims that those shots occurred after Myers had been hit and was lying on the ground with the gun in his hand. Sickening. So he’s admitting that Myers was indeed shot, but only after he was already down? “He was propped up on his left elbow, and his legs were facing out at the policeman as he went down, but he was still holding the gun and pointing it at the policeman,” Millikan told AP.

Tensions are still very high in Ferguson, Missouri and for this shooting to have happened so close to Mike Brown’s only adds fuel to the fire that’s been burning in Missouri. Many residents in Missouri and beyond are still protesting in support of Brown, and the demonstrations are swelling with protestors demanding justice for Myers and even more Black men who have been killed in recent months including Kajieme Powell and John Crawford Jr.

When will we ever feel safe again?


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